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Elizabeth Weber
Elizabeth Weber’s art is immediately recognizable because of its bright colors and the kinetic motion. Her paintings urge the viewer to interact with them. They beckon us to soak in the pools of vibrant colors, rich textures, and rays of light. With a style that is unique and contemporary, she paints echoes of her life into her canvases for the viewer to get a glimpse of her mind and soul. The intersection of Weber’s art and the viewer’s perception transform each painting into a living organism that grows and changes the longer you view it. Her works makes us converse with each piece, responding to inner questions and rejoicing in inner joy. Like a living mirror, it reflects the dynamic movement of our own inner landscape.
In soulful reds, joyous blues, and ever-evolving greens, Elizabeth Weber’s artwork are as much about colors and textures as they are about the wonderful spirit who paints them.


I truly feel that I did not choose to be an artist. It is the thread that weaves through the fabric of my life. Without art there is no deep breathing, no peace, nor reward in life. Art for me is a dance. Through painting, I dance in a state of Oneness, that infinite place where time and self unite. I believe that people are drawn to my art because they sense the pulse of that dance. My paintings are also the ‘footprints’, the evidence, of my dance through life. It is this dance of ecstatic lights and depths of darkness that shape and influence my work. I try to always capture this dance onto the canvas. I paint from my heart hoping to touch the soul of the viewer and fill their eyes with lush colors, rich textures, and thought provoking imagery. I feel complete each time I watch someone stand in front of my artwork and begin that visual dance.


Elizabeth Weber cannot imagine living without creating art. As a child, she got in trouble for painting on a new ceiling tile she found in the basement. “I did not ask for permission because I knew the answer would have been ‘no’, but I really needed to paint.”

Weber grew up in upstate New York. After high school she was offered a scholarship to Syracuse University based on her art portfolio. But Weber was drawn to the mountains of New Paltz, NY, where she completed her formal art training. After graduating, she lived in Manhattan for several years and later moved to Los Angeles, CA. While in L.A., in addition to her personal and professional development, she painted theatre sets for an award-winning playwright. In 2005, through a twist of fate, she moved to Little Rock, AR. She quickly was chosen for a local art exhibition and her art career has been on an upward climb ever since. With a scope of collectors that span from coast to coast, and the increasing number of private and corporate collectors seeking her work, Elizabeth Weber has positioned herself as one of the most popular artists in Little Rock.