boswell - mourot fine art
Leyla Moss


Artist’s Philosophy

Oscar Wilde said: “The aim of art is to reveal itself and to conceal the artist.
It is the spectator, and not the artist, that a painting will reflect.”

A painting that has something to say will say it to those who listen.
It is important for the artist not to disclose too much.
It is equally important for the spectator not to listen too intently;
Sometimes one should focus on what is not being said
Rather than on what is being said.
I always hope my paintings don’t reveal too much, but demand full disclosure from others.

Black is and always will stand out for me above all others. It is a non -color and therefore does not exist. It reveals nothing. Like a mirror, it reflects the spectator.
I prefer acrylic; it is basic and free and like a child; it has no rules.
I use a limited color palette for each painting. I am put off by carnivals of color. I believe a color must be symbolic or pertain to a certain mood or feeling. Otherwise it is lost in translation. The correct color will say volumes about what you are trying to convey. I try to use just enough color to get the message across.
I do not believe that a collection should be too homogeneous. If every painting looks like the next, then you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. The paintings in my collection are all different, although they are based on the same concept, and they tell the same story. After all, a story has many sides, angles and dimensions to it and an artist must try to cover them all. Every chapter must bring something new and exciting and that is my biggest pleasure and challenge.