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Victor-Raul Garcia

Born in Lima, Peru, Victor-Raul Garcia was raised by his maternal grandmother with
whom he immigrated to the United States at age 8. His autodidactic work is the result of
a relentless passion to create, an innate resourcefulness and curiosity, endless days of
trial and error, and an all-encompassing necessity to communicate through art.

His art has been described as a subtle romance between Cubism, Abstract
Expressionism and Brutalism. He draws inspiration from visual stimuli that have a
collective respect for the value of color, depth, texture, motion and architecture. These
elements he combines and intertwines into a narrative through the multi-layering
process he is famous for.

"Layers are the distinction between past and present, old and new, buried and
rediscovered. The process I use in my work I call 'art archaeology' since I am stripping
away layers to unravel a hidden mystery or putting on layers to add mystery to what's
hidden. I believe we all have a physicality, a personality and an essence, which is what
I hope to portray in each piece."

Victor-Raul has been the featured artist at Katie Gingrass Gallery, Paradigm Gallery,
Seven Seas Gallery, Mecox Gardens, Raul Carrasco (Soho and Miami), Nest Interiors
NYC, Reinboth Design, and A. Rudin Showroom, among others. His work has also
appeared in New York Spaces and CBS News, and is collected by many, including
architects, CEOs and T.V. celebrities from around the world. He divides his time
between his studios in NYC and the Upper Delaware River Valley.