Delita Martin

These images represent strength and emotion in the aftermath of Diaspora -the displacement of the African people. These works are a gathering of sisters, mothers, daughters and women who show a solid resolve to survive life’s obstacles and to define love and commitment. Their faces also reflect the love and passion they feel for their men, their fathers, husbands and sons. These women challenge us to reflect on a deeper meaning behind the surface.  They compel us to look into their faces and respond to their tenacity for life.

Her “Night Women” series mixes myth and traditions between layers of mixed media to create portraits of Black women with an array of haunting gazes that both captivate and command attention. In her layering of materials and varied techniques (printmaking, drawing, painting, sewing and collage) are in part about the complexity surrounding race, gender, and beauty, each image in some ways deals with empowering transformations.